Washington D.C. Betting Sites and Promo Codes 2019


Welcome to Washington D.C. Online Sports Betting Sites Guide. We update you on the legal situation, write about regulated betting websites, sportsbooks and land-based horse racing tracks and casinos. We write about bonus promotions and promo codes. We hope Washington D.C. will soon allow online betting in 2019 or 2020. Meanwhile, enjoy and play responsibly!

Online sports betting in Washington D.C. It’s coming!

Washington DC Sports Betting

Washington DC may be the capital of the nation, but it is also home to thousands of sports fans that are eager to place wagers on local teams and events. Luckily, Washington DC has just passed laws to enable the offering of sports betting and you will find that a number of land-based and online sites will start operating in 2019. With some great teams based right in Washington DC, you will have a number of amazing betting options that provide a way to support your local teams while having the chance to cash in on some amazing payouts. Get ready to enjoy legal sports betting and take advantage of great odds on some of the most popular sports being played in the country.

Is it legal to bet online in Washington D.C.?

Off shore betting has been a top choice for millions from the US, but since a number of states have started to legalize betting, there are now some great land-based options as well. As a resident of Washington DC, you are free to legally access online betting sites that offer the ability to wager real money on a variety of sporting events. These sites are licensed and regulated and always offer a secure environment.

With offshore betting, you will find you can wager on all of the DC-based teams as well as teams from across the US. These sites have been a leading choice for millions in the US and continue to attract bettors from Washington DC. With land-based betting on the horizon, not regulated betting may diminish slightly, but you can always access trusted sites for 24-hour access to exciting betting options.

Washington DC Teams for Betting

The nation’s capital has not been known for producing championship-winning professional sports teams, but there are a number of teams that attract the attention of locals and provide for some great betting opportunities. The Washington Nationals are a professional baseball team and in 2008, the team was moved to a new stadium near the Yards Park. DC is also home to the popular Redskins, a decent football team in the NFL. While they have not had many winning seasons, they are the favored team for DC football fanatics.

Looking for some nice action? Check out the Washington Capitals. This team has not brought home the Stanley Cup, but they did win the President’s Trophy back in 2016 for scoring the most points in a season. Washington also offers a professional NBA team, the Washington Wizards, as well as a soccer team, DC United.

Land-Based Casinos and Tracks for Betting in Washington D.C.

With legal sports betting coming to DC, private businesses will be allowed to file applications to obtain licensed to operating sports betting venues. One class of licenses will be set aside for four of the stadiums in the city, including National Park, Capital One Arena, St Elizabeth’s East Entertainment and Sports Arena, and Audi Field. There will also be licensed for other venues such as restaurants and bars, though these venues will not be allowed to operate within two blocks of stadiums or arenas.

Horse racing has been legal in Washington for a number of years and you can engage in live betting at a number of tracks in the city. These venues may also be locations that will soon offer traditional sports betting.